Mark Walker


Spring Exhibition

I will be taking part in this years (2024) Spring Exhibition at Fotogalleriet organised by Forbundet Frie Fotografer. The exhibition is on from 24th May to 30th June


Free Education for All: It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Mind is this year’s graduation show from the Oslo Art Academy’s Master of Fine Arts program. It is a gathering of disparate artistic practices from a diverse group of students, many of whom are from countries outside the EU.


Our exhibition title is a response to the Norwegian government’s introduction of tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students, with few exceptions. Contrary to the government’s own political platform, the change was passed in Stortinget on November 29th, 2022. For students at KHiO, the tuition fees are estimated to be 500 000-700 000 NOK per year. This isn’t including the high cost of living in Norway, material costs, and the fees and proof of subsistence required for student residence permits. As witnessed in Denmark and Sweden, where these fees are far less, this will cut off Norway from a world of artists, especially from those of the racialized and geographic Other. Art thrives under plurality.

It has been stated that Norway is no exception to the current day’s economic hardship and that schools need to find other sources of income. We beg to differ. We don’t believe that we are in times of austerity, but rather that wealth and opportunity are being hoarded by the few at the expense of the many.


We are asking for an increase in scrutiny and pressure from the press, university administration and professors, artists, and especially Norwegian residents at large. We have seen in Germany and Slovenia that through constant extensive media coverage, debate, and protest, the removal of recently imposed tuition fees has been successful. The marketization of higher education wasn’t able to catch on. 


Johan Andrén, Isan Maher Atif, Anna Clawson, Sara Guldmyr, Doris Guo, Yun Hao, Ollie Hermansson, Naeun Kang, Mathew Lacosse, Mariusz Maslanka, Markus Moestue, Rick Seth Ofori, Reyes Santiago Rojas Figueroa, Mark Walker and Nicole Ward. In collaboration with curator Lisa Rosendahl.



In Underfoot, the technique is used to explore a vision of the close but unknown underground.


The works for this exhibition are from the series 'nnausea' this series started from a makeshift street weapon, used in the north of England, made by gluing two blades either side of a coin.

I am sitting alone

Each stack of plug-timers are made with a different type of plug socket. And each individual timer is different, although sometimes similar.